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sometimes the parent suffers more than the child December 17, 2010

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Luke had dental surgery this morning. He has three cavities and two were so bad they needed crowns (bad genetics and soft enamel…not from a bad diet or lack of oral hygiene).

We’d already tried filling a cavity by giving him Valium. It didn’t work. In fact, it made him hyper.

Then we tried the “happy gas.” Again, it didn’t work. He acted completely wide awake.

I even went to an all natural family homeopathic doctor and she prescribed chamomile tea. Guess what? Didn’t work.

The only option left was to put Luke to sleep and do all the dental work.

While Luke didn’t know this was happening, I did, and for days, I’ve been a complete wreck. I already have heightened anxiety and I honestly don’t even know how I functioned these past few days.

So up we were at 6a.m. and then at the hospital at 6:45. I’m incredibly thankful that my sister came with me and that my Aunt Linda came up from L.A. to help with all the kids.

By the time Luke was in the gurney and changed into hospital pajamas, I was on the verge of tears. But, thank God, I held it together. Even when they rolled took him into the operating room, I held it together. How? I don’t know. But I did.

Then we waited. And waited. And after about an hour and a half the surgery was over and I went into recovery so Luke would see me when he woke up.

The nurses told me my presence would be comforting, and it was to a certain extent. But he was like a lion…a crazed, roaring lion. It was the most difficult part of the day, maybe even the year: trying to comfort a scared, angry, and confused child. Finally, he calmed down.


Poor guy had blood on his nose where they had to put the tube down his throat. Poor guy was miserable and out of it all day. Poor guy hasn’t gotten off me all day. Poor guy hasn’t has the energy to even get off the couch.

But thank God this poor guy is safe and healthy. And thank God I was strong and didn’t fall apart as well. Cause let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than not being able to do anything to take away fear or pain. This is, I’m convinced, the worst part of being a parent.



One Response to “sometimes the parent suffers more than the child”

  1. MIchelle Says:

    Oh poor Luke! He looks sedated.

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