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birthday parties with miss heidi December 21, 2010

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My friend Kathey had a birthday party for her daughter Reagan’s second year of life. We had a blast. Little 2-5 year olds and one quite content 11-year-old named Maddie) running around all over, playing and screaming, is a sweet sight to see.

The best part of the entire birthday party (besides the obvious fact that we were all there to celebrate Reagan) was that Miss Heidi came and performed her music class for the kids. Miss Heidi is a well-known woman who has been holding her music class for kids since Maddie was little and probably even way before. I mean, she’s kind of a legend around our town. I usually take Luke to her music class every Wednesday and when I’m working during those times, my sister takes Luke and Cate.

And Luke goes crazy for her. He honestly gets so excited that his body makes real jerky movements while dancing and often looks like he’s foaming at the mouth. My sister and I often comment that other moms must think he’s special because he truly just goes kind of berserk over the whole thing. So today, I made the mistake of telling him early in the day that Miss Heidi was going to be at the party and then I had to endure him walking to the door and asking, “party?” every 10 minutes.

And as expected, Miss Heidi was amazing and all the kids went crazy and the adults were singing and dancing too.

(Miss Heidi with her firefighter hat on, getting ready to sing the “fire truck” song)


(The kids singing along to the “your face” song.)


(The kids waiting for the next song)


(Luke and Cate rocking out to “The Wheels on the Bus.”)


I’m thankful we celebrated Reagan’s birthday and that all the kids had a great time. But I’m especially thankful for Miss Heidi and all the joy she brings to our town’s children, and it was an absolute pleasure to have had Miss Heidi all to ourselves at the party!


One Response to “birthday parties with miss heidi”

  1. GEW Says:

    Mattie’s contentment amazes me. She was smiling every time I saw her at the museum today, and she even said, “This is cool,” when she did the ATM thing. Meanwhile, my Boy was complaining about the whole thing, esp. all the little kids. (My Girl, on the other hand, had a perfectly good time.)

    All this is to say that I’m so impressed by Mattie AND her mother.

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