A Year of Thanks

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and the clouds parted December 23, 2010

Filed under: family fun,friends — courtsbrogno @ 7:51 pm

I don’t mean to sound all biblical and prophetic, but after six solid days of rain, I do not feel like it’s an exaggeration to think that God smiled on our town today.

Since I had to drop off some goodie bags at some friends’ houses in a little coastal town to the south of us, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take the kids on a little walk in the fresh air, outside.

My friends decided to join us, so me and my kids, Mrs. GEW and her kids, and Jenny and her kids all went on a walk.

We had a lovely time, and it was so BEAUTIFUL outside, it honestly seemed like the world was sparkling and the sun was smiling and the ocean was glistening, and a million  other –ing things (or gerund adverbs for the grammatically inclined). Oh, nature’s beauty. It constantly leaves me breathless.

I’m so thankful for a day without rain and a stunning day at that. I’m thankful for some time to catch up with good friends. I’m thankful that all the kids had fun and got a chance to run around outside.


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