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santa time December 24, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 10:12 pm

I love Christmas eve for so many reasons:


A nicely decorated  table:


My mom’s home cooked meal:



Everyone eating:


Messing around with my sister:


And then putting out cookies for Santa:



And tonight I particularly loved that my brother-in-law was kind of drunk all night and was really, really in a good mood and incredibly funny.


But what I REALLY love is playing Santa. Tonight I’ll be staying up late, putting together a bike for Luke and wrapping small stocking gifts. Santa has written letters to both kids complimenting them on their good ways this past year and encouraging more kindness.

It’s a late night and my back is usually quite sore by the end of the evening, but playing this part is the best part of being a parent. I honestly don’t know what I’ll dow hen my kids grow up and leave the house….But till that day, I will relish in playing Santa.

But I’ve got to go and make a mess out of the carrots we left outside for the reindeer. You see, Blitzen always leaves a mess!



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