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breaking the law December 27, 2010

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WordPress is having some serious technical problems, so I’ll have to check back tomorrow and post what happened then, but till tomorrow….i’m thankful for breaking the law.

UPDATE: Well, now that word press is back to normal, let me continue.

I’m not usually a law-breaker. Being raised in a strict household with a sheriff as a father led me to believe that rules exist to be followed.

But every once in a while, you just gotta break the rules.

Like today, when I had planned a pretty easy hike with the kids and my friend Melanie and her kids and yet there was a foreboding sign at the trail entrance:

Usually the parking lot for this hike is also packed, but because of the closure, it was empty. My friend Megan who was meeting us as well got to the entrance before me and left because it was closed. But I thought it couldn’t be that bad. It  was only closed due to the rain and it hadn’t rained in a few days and it’s not like it had been closed due to wild and dangerous animal sightings. Luckily, my friend Melanie agreed. So off we went.

It’s kind of nice hiking on a trail with four kids and no one around. It makes stopping and meandering much more enjoyable.



I’ve never seen the creek so full:

And yes, the weather conditions were wet, and it was really muddy. But the kids loved trekking through the mud and getting dirty. I’m thankful for breaking the law a little bit today. It made for a good hike.



P.S. This has nothing to do with breaking the law, but I’m also thankful for a nice dinner with Maddie. Luke was with his dad, I was tired of cooking, and we were itching to get out So we went down to our local noodle shop and had dinner.



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