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I attract mountain lions. Not men. December 30, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 7:26 pm

Another day off and another awesome hike.

My friends Melanie and Megan joined us with their kids for a 3.2 mile, relatively easy hike. Combined we had 8 kids–and Maddie was the only girl! But she still had fun. And we did as well.

Our crew:

The gorgeous hike:



I love hiking with my kids and my friends and my friends’ kids. I’m so thankful I have friends who like to get out and hike for a bit. I’m thankful that with 8 kids, NOT one complained.  I’m thankful I live in such an amazing place when on our hike, due to all the rain, tiny little steams formed everywhere. It was stunning.

Then after out hike, we all sat around and ate lunch on the curb when Maddie pointed out to the field and exclaimed, “Mom! A mountain lion.” To which I said, “It’s just a cat.”

I should know by now to trust Maddie’s instincts when it comes to animal identification, because sure enough, as it walked a bit closer, we saw that indeed it was a baby (well, maybe a toddler) mountain lion (this was also confirmed by the local postman who also saw it). It was far enough away (and small enough) that we were in no danger, and it was pretty cool to watch it walk around. I even took a picture ( you can see it better if you click on the picture, making it bigger):

Maddie said, “Mom. It’s you.  You attract mountain lions.”

Which brings me to my therapist appointment this afternoon. My therapist immediately asked if I had asked out a man.

Unlike most of my educational career, I FAILED (completely) at this assignment.

So I told my therapist, “I don’t attract men. But I do attract mountain lions.”

He was so confused.


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