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a friendly reprieve January 2, 2011

Filed under: family fun,friends — courtsbrogno @ 8:38 pm

Today was a not so fun day at all. It rained all day and I was on the computer for hours putting my syllabus and calendars together since school starts again tomorrow (boo).

Maddie and Luke played nicely, but they were bored. I was bored.

And then my best friend called and asked if she and her family could stop by for a few hours. They were driving from LA to their home in SF and had intended to take the 5, but it was closed at the grapevine due to snow. So they had to back track and take the 101.

Which makes my house an ideal place to stop for a bit since I’m right in between LA and SF.

We were all so happy to have some friends to hang out with. I got to chat with Michelle, Luke got to play with Olivia, Cain watched football, and Maddie had some quiet time away from Luke.

What fun we had!

(lounging with friends)


(Luke got a bath time playmate)


I love unexpected visits and it came right when Luke, Maddie, and I were all about to really go stir-crazy! I’m so thankful for the reprieve we got with Michelle visiting.


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