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melanie’s brithday and we still know how to party January 8, 2011

Filed under: adult fun — courtsbrogno @ 10:43 pm

My friend Melanie turned 40 today and had a party.


To say I had fun would be s complete understatement.

Cause you know you’re gonna have a good time when you walk in and this is the first thing you see:

And the house is decorated for fun:


And Melanie sings and has an amazing voice:


And there’s a full dance party going on (sorry about the poor quality, but you get the point);



And you realize that you feel 25 instead of 34 or 40 or 50.

I’m so thankful Melanie was born and became my friend. Cause Lord knows she can throw one kick ass party!



2 Responses to “melanie’s brithday and we still know how to party”

  1. Jen Says:

    I shouldve gone with you! Sounds so fun and your texts were even funnier!

  2. GEW Says:

    I am impressed at all of you partying skills! And I didn’t know Mel could sing. Thought she was just a drummer!

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