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sisterly love January 14, 2011

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I often worry how Maddie’s feeling since her world was rocked when Luke was born. She went from being an only child for nine years to having a sibling who literally takes up the majority of my time. In all honestly, often her needs get sidelined to the demands of an infant and then toddler.

But today, I learned that Maddie is doing just fine. Even though earlier in the week she called Luke a “turd,” she came home today from school excited because she received an A on an in-class essay exam. The prompt: write an essay about someone who inspires you. She had 45 minutes to write it.

This is what she wrote (I’m leaving in any errors as well):

I heard the cry of my new sibling, and then I heard the doctor telling the nurse that it was a boy. Although I wanted a girl, a baby brother wouldn’t hurt. The doctor escorted me from the hall into the birthing room. I saw my mom holding the newest addition to our family. My aunt was there with my mom’s best friend too, and so were my grandparents. My mom passed my brother down the line of people, and I was the fifth person to ever hold my brother. I was nine when my brother was born so the age difference was bigger than normal, but I didn’t care. My mom called me over and said, “Do you like the name Luke or Griffin better?” “Luke” I replied. My brother looked like a Luke.

Now Luke is two and a half and has a-lot to learn. When i walk in the door from school I normally see Luke in front of the t.v., and i mean directly in front of the t.v. While he’s watching t.v. he is also normally shoving a granola bar down his throat. When he is not in front of the t.v. he is playing with his toys such as: Elmo, firetruck, cars, and books. If Luke could pick a place to be for one hour he’d choose watching t.v. or playing at the park. Most of all luke loves to cuddle with me. In the next paragraph you’ll get to enjoy my experiences with Luke.

Every Wednesday morning Luke goes to Boo Boo Record’s in San Luis Obispo with his friends. At Boo Boo’s they have a girl names Ms. Heidi who on Wednesday’s goes and teaches them children’s songs. Every week there are about thirty to forty kids go there. You are allowed to go up on stage and sing and dance along. Luke always runs up and stands next to a girl and just stares at that one girl and flirts. It gets a little creepy, but it’s funny at the same time. Luke loves big girls.

Luke is a chubby little guy with big cheeks and bulky thighs. His eyes are blue with the longest eyelashes. He likes to play soccer, football, and cars. When he wants something instead of asking if he could have it, he grunts. Some people call him a caveman. Other people call him a puppy. I call him Flukeroonie for a nick name.

Luke may not be able to help me with my homework or get me the things i need, but when i need a laugh i know i can just go and hang out with him and he’ll cheer me up. watching him grow up is the best thing i could ever ask for. It is better then a ipod touch or a cellphone. It’s better than the wii or a laptop. The most important part is getting to babysit Luke and watch him learn new things, and that is the best thing any big sister can ask for.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  When I read this my heart swelled up, and I started to cry. Besides the fact that it seems like I let Luke watch too much T.V., I am so thankful that Maddie feels this way about her brother. I know I’ll still worry about Maddie feeling left out or about them being friends later in life due to the age difference or because Maddie can lose her patience with Luke and call him a “turd,” I know that I’m doing an okay job and that Maddie is thankful for her brother as well as being happy and confident and damn, a pretty good essay writer as well!



3 Responses to “sisterly love”

  1. Jen Says:

    That was a sweet essay and she was so proud of it. I knew this was going to be your post !

  2. GEW Says:

    I couldn’t even the end through my tears.

  3. christine Says:

    i teared up :]

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