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getting lost January 17, 2011

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First, I’m thankful for Martin Luther King Jr. and his work in civil rights for this country.

Second, I’m thankful for what happens when I get lost.

It was another beautiful day, 75 degrees, and since Christine was in town, we took the kids for a hike.

But this was a hike I’ve never done. A 5 mile hike through the canyons behind our university. I had a map. I had Christine. I had Maddie.

We still got lost.

We started off on a pretty clear trail, and we even walked around the architecture village, a great place I’ve never visited that reminded me of the T.V. show, Lost.

But somehow after visiting the Arch Village, we got off track and wound up walking through the hills, which was pretty, but wandering around the canyons behind the university in the heat can get frustrating. But then, really, after the frustration settles, it just gets beautiful: I felt like I wasn’t on the same hum-dum, boring campus I’m on all day.

We even came across a little pond with ducks and two students fishing.

We ended up at the horse unit, and I still have absolutely no idea how we got there, but Luke loved being so close to the horses:

The reason we were so close to the horses is because we were on the wrong side of the fence. And this was really the only problem we encountered. We had to follow the fence until there was a break, and I have to admit that my university does a great job keeping animals off our campus, as well as lost students.

I’m also quite thankful that the university installs electic fences without any notice cause it was real FUN to touch this fence and get electrocuted:

I’m 100% serious. I got electrocuted by a live-wire fence. I have never been electrocuted before and I’ll tell you what, it’s not fun at all. I felt the shock run through my hands, into my arms, and down my body. It was crazy, and I don’t wish this on anyone (Is this what tazing feels like? How terrible…).

Despite being electrocuted by the university’s keen sense of animal control, I definitely enjoyed getting lost today. I need to get off my usual path every once in a while and rediscover what has become the norm.


One Response to “getting lost”

  1. tasha Says:

    I used to get lost every time I tried to run poly canyon and FYI tazing is probably about 100 times worse than touching an electric fence…

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