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saved at the right moment. January 19, 2011

Filed under: self-discovery — courtsbrogno @ 6:46 pm

Today was a long day. And after teaching, I had to rush to get Maddie and then pick up Luke because I had a therapist appointment at 4.

I’ve been kind of dreading this appointment all week, because, well, I’ve got nothing to report. I’ve not fulfilled my homework assignment and I actually haven’t even given it much thought. Partly this is because I’ve been super busy but it’s also because I believe I’m in denial (though I realize I left off a very important man from my men I’d like to date list. Ummm…hello Mr. Ira Glass. How could I have forgotten you? Just your voice makes me swoon when I turn on NPR. Mr. Glass, my dear, you MAKE me love NPR. You are hot, smart, and a million more things I’d like in my life. See…I’ve made some progress [denial]).

So when I ran into my therapist’s office, out of breath, he greeted me with a confused look and said, “We’re not scheduled to meet until next week.”

It’s amazing how often I mix up dates, but still, I was pretty relieved. After apologizing, I started walking out, when he stopped me and said, “But wait, how’s the homework assignment?”

Dammit. I wanted to melt into the floor. Fortunately, however, his properly scheduled patient came in right at that moment and I was able to scoot along.

Saved at the right moment. I’m super thankful for the reprieve and another week to come up with some serious excuses (Like: I’ve been sick. I’ve taken on an extra 6 classes and have no time. My boss is trying to kill me. I’ve moved into a nursing home to fulfill my life long commitment to the elderly and infirm. I think, however, these excuses/blatant lies will cause him to diagnose me as a paranoid psychotic. And that will definitely not help with my homework.)


5 Responses to “saved at the right moment.”

  1. Linda Stein Says:

    What is the big deal with this assignment? If you are not ready, you’re not ready. Your priorities are your children and your short term goal is to focus on their well being. Your time will come, but you can’t rush it and you can’t make something happen just because it’s an assignment.

    Who are you fulfilling this assignment for, you or your therapist?
    Hey doc, I’m just not into this assignment at this point in my life. Let’s explore an alternative.

  2. Denise Says:

    Just do your homework damn it!!!!!!!

  3. christine Says:

    do your homework..but i i feel like you got to do it (and be wiling to do it) on your own time…it is hard to find awesomely handsome, intellectual guys when your working as teacher and mom, but dude–they’re out there!!! and in slo, they’re all active, fun, friendly and handsome ;] YOU CAN DO IIIIIIIT!!!


  4. Jen Says:

    Ditto what Christine said.

  5. Cookie Monster Says:

    I hear Ira Glass is in Chicago still…let’s take a trip!!! haha

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