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the pack January 23, 2011

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My dad is a life long Green Bay Packers fan. Well, really, he’s a fanatic. No one can watch the games with him because he gets so animated (to say it nicely). And you CANNOT tease him about the Packers, even if they are doing well. Once, he almost got in a fight at Maddie’s soccer game with another parent who made a comment about how poorly the Packers were doing. No joke. He almost hit the guy.

To my dad, the Packers represent everything good and bad in the world. He is the world’s most serious couch coach and he takes each game extremely seriously. I don’t pretend to even understand this kind of devotion, and for the most part, my family just goes with it, and, of course, cheers on the Green Bay Packers.

To represent the love he has for his team, almost all of his clothing apparel represents the Green Bay Packers. And, as expected, this year when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he gave his normal reply, “Just some Packers clothes.” This desire to have new Packer clothing is posing a problem to our family, though, because the team does not produce new items fast enough. I mean, how many different GB Packers tee-shirts can there possibly be?

I did find one shirt that I was pretty sure I’d never seen my dad wearing, but then I also came across a GB Packer gnome and bought it, mostly because I knew it would piss my mom off to have a GB Packers gnome somewhere in her house.

When my dad opened up the gnome, he had no idea what it was. I had to explain to him that gnomes bring good luck and that he should put it in his yard.

The day after Christmas, Green Bay played. My dad sat in his hotel room, alone, with the gnome next to him. Green Bay won. He called me and said, “I think it was the luck of the gnome.”

The next week, Green Bay played again. My dad–I swear–took the gnome with him to a sport’s bar to watch the game. Green Bay won again. My dad called me and said, “The gnome won again. I’ve named him ‘The Claymaker'” after his favorite player, Clay Matthews.

And so along with the fact that my dad refuses to cut his hair because it’s also good luck, the gnome is being well-taken care of by my dad, who really believes the gnome is causing the Green bay packers to do so well.

He even called me last week to tell me how he heard a sport’s announcer talking about his Jets gnome, who had, sadly, drowned in his pool, essentially killed off by some hyper grandkids, and now this announcer believed the Jets were doomed to lose. My dad said, “At least I know how to take care of my gnome.”

And today, I sat and watched the entire Green Bay game with complete anxiety because this was THE game: the game that determined whether Green Bay made it to the Super Bowl.

They won. And, of course, my dad had his gnome next to him the entire game.

I feel a huge relief now that the game is over. If Green Bay loses the Super Bowl, the loss won’t be so bad because, hey, they were at least in the Super Bowl (and this is, in fact, my dad’s belief as well). I also am happy that I have a 2 week break until the game where I won’t have to hear about the gnome.

But for today, I’m thankful Green Bay won and made it to the Super Bowl. I’m also thankful to have a very happy father right now.


3 Responses to “the pack”

  1. christine Says:

    tooooo cute! :]

  2. Denise Says:

    GO PACKERS!!!!!! I love your Dad….I too do not understand the males obsession over a game they have no control over but I deal with this as well in my house. I am so glad the Pack won……

  3. cory Says:

    Nice gift for a diehard. So now i have to ask. Where did you get it cause i need a charger gnome for next year. Jake was my goodluck charm last year when they won 11 in a row only to lose to the f’ing Jets. But i regress. He didn’t work this year except Jake does say football and clap when its on tv. Its the cutest!

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