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get me outside February 5, 2011

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 5:41 pm

I’ve begun to realize that if I don’t hike, or at least get outside, I am one grumpy woman. Like today. Around 2p.m. When I realized that the 6 hours I had spent indoors grading the university’s writing proficiency exam,  the week spent in a classroom, and the few weeks since my last hike were causing my body to weaken and my mind to muddle.

I needed to get outside. So I put Luke in the car, picked up Maddie, and headed to a hike we’ve never done before, and man did it feel good to get my body moving. Plus, the 78 degree weather and the spectacular views calmed my mind.

The hike started with an ever-so-slight upward path and then got more steep the further we went.

Looking up through the trees at the sky was almost euphoric at times.

The kids had a great time exploring as well (well, when Maddie wasn’t complaining about being outside):

The views from the top were well worth the sweat it took to get there.

I love this picture of Maddie I took as we made our way back down:

And I love this picture Maddie took of me and Luke once we were almost back to the car.

I’m so thankful we got out and did a hike today. I needed it so badly. Now I feel refreshed and ready to tackle a stack of essays. Well, maybe I’ll tackle them tomorrow.


One Response to “get me outside”

  1. Jen Says:

    Oooh it is pretty!

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