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we’re still feeling it February 7, 2011

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I promise this will be my last post about football, but it wouldn’t be true to my goals of this blog if I didn’t record what I’m truly thankful for, and today, it’s still that the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, but more so because of how happy my family is.

I opened my email this morning and found this message sent from my dad on Saturday, before the game:

To My Wife, Siblings, Kids, Grand Kids and Friends:

I want to thank all of you for supporting my beloved Packers this year.  If they win it will be hard for me to control my emotions.  Since the gnome has arrived ( thanks to my Angel, Luke and their Mommy,) it has been one helluva run.  Let’s not forget Braden letting me have his Clay Matthews trading card, temporarily of course,  ha!  ha!  Pictures of Frankie ( The Gonk) dressed up in his green and gold, yes sis-ta, this includes your support. Or my buddy, Mr. Sack wearing his Cheesehead during the Championship game.  Also, text messages and phone messages from Jennifer and Jonathan, it has been great, thank you again. I will never forget

Love always,
Poppy, Dad

I mean, was I lying when I said he was their biggest fan??? And then this morning (so early!) he called to ask us all what size we were because he’s buying us shirts. Just listening to my dad on the phone, the excitement in his voice, well, it just made me so happy for him. My dad’s a pretty simple man with few wants in life other than peace, happiness, and health for his family (not the world) and for the Packers to do well every season. Since we’re all healthy and happy and GB won, I know that my dad believes everything is right in the world right now.

Also, my Aunt Linda had the amazing opportunity to actually go to the Super Bowl (on a private jet no less, and with pretty much VIP status. She even went to the ESPN party!). She’s a  HUGE football fan as well, though not one to root for one team, just the one she bets on. I spoke to her this evening and she was giddy about her trip: seriously, she was like a teenage girl who just got her first kiss (from the star football player!). She even said, “The weekend and the game were better than my wedding and honeymoon combined!” It makes me so happy that she’s happy.

I don’t really understand football and the energy people put into watching games and rooting for teams, but if this is what football can do to people, then perhaps I should watch it more often and take it more seriously. I mean, it’s like rainbows and unicorns and fairies have just popped up all over the place.

Shit, I’m not even kidding. It really feels like that.

I’m so thankful for this magical, football euphoric time!


One Response to “we’re still feeling it”

  1. Denise Says:

    That is so amazing….I remember when you first started coming around to the magic that sports can bring in Michelle’s apartment watching inspirational clips all being explained by Cain in such detail and with enthusiasm….remember that night??? LOL. So happy for Poppy!

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