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a long day February 8, 2011

Filed under: friends — courtsbrogno @ 7:28 pm

I don’t know why today was such a long day for me. I did the same thing I do every Tuesday, and in actuality, compared to most working people, my days are rather short. I think it may be teaching 4 classes  in a row, and on days when the majority of my time in class in spent lecturing, like today, I leave school entirely spent. Then to come home, clean the house a bit, and grade some essays! Exhausting. By 7p.m. I am ready for bed.

Yet when my friend called and asked me to watch her kids while she taught a class, I couldn’t say no. We help each other out all the time, and she was in a bind. I wouldn’t feel right if her daughter, Maddie’s best friend, had to stay home alone just because I was too exhausted to keep up with any more kids.

But the beauty of the entire night came forth when my friend brought over her daughter and  dinner–pizza!–and I didn’t have to do anything to prepare or even really clean up (paper plates can make life so much easier sometimes. Even though they’re bad for the environment. I know. I don’t do it often. Leave me alone.).

It became such an easier night without having to think of dinner and I am thankful for my friend’s thoughtfulness and kindness.


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