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the nice weather we have and how I like to then stay inside February 12, 2011

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 6:45 pm

The weather around these parts has been beautiful. Gorgeous. So perfectly Californian.

Today was no different. It was about 75 degrees and really, just perfect.

So I decided to spend much of the day sheltered inside, grading essays.

By the time Luke returned home at 2p.m. and I stepped outside, the sun actually hurt my eyes. I needed to get out.

Off we went to meet my sister for a short walk through a nice, woody area she discovered close to her house:

It is so refreshing to get outside after being stuck inside for most of the day.

Then Jon, my brother-in-law, BBQ’d for all of us and  I just got to sit in the sun and grade some more. But at least I was outside and didn’t have to cook anything for dinner.

I’m thankful I got a break today and got to enjoy the sun and beautiful weather we’ve been having. I’m thankful my brother-in-law BBQ’d. And I’m thankful my sister let my kids tear apart her backyard and house (cause I finally got around to cleaning my house last night.).


One Response to “the nice weather we have and how I like to then stay inside”

  1. Jen Says:

    How come you weren’t grateful for the undercooked chicken jon served us that would have surely wiped out the whole family (was it his plan?). Good thing we caught it in time…

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