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valentine’s day tidbits February 14, 2011

Filed under: family fun,friends — courtsbrogno @ 6:55 pm

Today I’m thankful for many things:

When I woke up and took Maddie to school this morning, there was a card on my window shield, a Valentine’s Day card from my friend Jenn. Which was an awesome way to start out my day! And, I believe, this may be the first Valentine’s Day card I’ve received in about 5 years.

My sister came over to watch Luke for the few hours that I had to teach, but she asked me to make sure I was home by 11:00 because Cate had a school Valentine’s party to attend. Even though my class is scheduled to end at 11:15, I knew I’d be home early because I was giving a midterm which shouldn’t take longer than an hour. I was wrong, and the fact that there were a good 6 kids who took the entire 2 hour class period is proof that Murphy’s Law exists (and of course it was the students who always want to leave early. Do they plan this to keep me there as long as possible?) Anyway, because I was going to be back later than expected, Luke got to go with my sister to Cate’s party and so he had a wonderful Valentine’s Day fun party to attend, and he was SO happy!

Finally, I’m about to sit down with Maddie and watch the third  Harry Potter movie. We’re in our pajamas and making popcorn. While others may be eating at over-priced and crowded restaurants, there’s really nothing I’d rather be doing on Valentine’s Day then spending it with my loves and watching a movie.

Such a love-filled day!


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