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Tuesday follows a monday schedule February 22, 2011

Filed under: work — courtsbrogno @ 6:38 pm

The university tries so hard to be clever and fair regarding holidays, and after a few failed attempts in the past to give students a Thursday holiday instead of a Friday or Monday for President’s weekend (because, after all, we also have another Monday holiday this quarter, and it wouldn’t be fair for only MWF classes to suffer), the university just decided to give everyone Monday off and then make all Tuesday classes follow a Monday schedule.

I know, what?

It takes a moment to wrap your mind around this, but basically, today, Tuesday, the university acted like it was Monday and any instructor and student who teaches/takes a Monday class had to show up to their Monday class. Except it’s Tuesday. Weird.

Anyway, what this means is I get an extended weekend. Since I don’t teach at the university on Mondays anyway, I didn’t have to teach today. Sure, I had to teach at the community college, but I was only there for about an hour, and so really, it was almost like I had another entire day off.

To grade. But whatever, I’m just thankful to have had another day off.


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