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collaborative group March 10, 2011

Filed under: friends,work — courtsbrogno @ 10:02 pm

Tonight, just like many other nights since January, I met with my critical thinking collaborative learning group. But tonight, instead of being excited, I really didn’t want to go. I have tons of work to do and I was exhausted. Like really exhausted. Like I could have crawled into bed at 6 and gone straight to sleep.

But I made a commitment to my group, so, of course, I went. Grumpily.*

And we did discuss really intelligent concepts and so I felt better and a bit more awake because my brain started to work, making connections.

But then my group really awoke me with a birthday cake, candles, and by singing “happy birthday” to me. It was so sweet and thoughtful and such an honor.

I looked at our group of instructors, almost all who have kids and teach a lot of courses, and thought about how much they become–to me–more of just a collaborative research group. I almost feel like they’re becoming some sort of family, which in some ways in weird because I don’t know some of them very well at all.

Yet it feels really natural to call them family. We care about each other. We promote each other. We listen to each other. We work together for a common goal.

The end point of this group is to define, interpret, and spread awareness about critical thinking across the disciplines. To create a cross-disciplinary conversation.

But making new friends and feeling like I have a university family is an outcome I didn’t expect. An outcome I’m quite thankful for tonight.

*I think I just made this word up. Can you act grumpily? Or are you just grumpy? If I made this up, I am totally fine with any Palin-directed jokes you are making. I deserve it. But I’m really, really tired (in my defense).


One Response to “collaborative group”

  1. --ginger. Says:

    I with you here. I have been really surprised by the amount life I’ve received from being in our group. It’s been energizing to find a real community. Glad to be there with you.

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