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preparation March 11, 2011

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Tomorrow is a BIG day–my 35th birthday.

Tomorrow my friends and I will celebrate the end of my year of thanks with a big party. I invited almost everyone I wrote about on this blog and a few can’t make it because they live out-of-state or have to work or can’t find a babysitter.

But about 40 people will attend. That’s one big party.

So today we prepared. And by we, I mean basically my friend Jenn.

My friend Jenn has been cooking up a storm since this afternoon. My house smells amazing and it’s all warm and comfy inside. The yard is getting cleaned tomorrow by my amazing brother-in-law Jon, Maddie is cleaning her room and making her beds for visitors, and Luke is sleeping peacefully–as in, he’s not making a mess.

To be honest, I haven’t done much of anything. Jenn, as well as my sister, have planned what is looking to be a pretty fun and awesome party. An extravaganza they’re calling it.

I’m so, so, so incredibly thankful to have such good friends throwing this party for me, coming up to be part of the festivities, and generally making me realize why my year of thanks has been such a success.

Plus, this whole weekend, starting with all these preparations, will reinforce what I found to be so true: I have the best friends in the world and my life is complete because of them, for them, and with them.

To make today feel even more special, some friends came into town early, and we started celebrating tonight.

Celebrating by letting all our kids run amuck.

(Olivia and Luke having the best time–flip a kid upside down and their whole world changes)

I’m thankful or the time I spent tonight with Michelle, Cain, Niki, and Grace. I’m thankful the kids had fun.

I’m thankful for the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

Thankful, thankful, thankful……


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