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walks, some other stuff, and whiskey April 5, 2011

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I signed Maddie up for track, and she was not pleased. While she excelled at cross-country, she hated it. Said it was boring. She assumed the same with track. However, to my great surprise (as I am not, though it may seem to her, intent on making her life a living hell), she loves track practice. And even better, she’s good at it! She is a fast runner, the 2nd fastest of her group (which includes 7th and 8th graders). She is focusing on sprinting, the high jump, the long jump, and hurdles. I am thankful she’s so happy:




Fridays are now all mine! I no longer work on Fridays, so I get to spend time with Luke.

Playing legos with him (he’s getting quite good!):

Taking a bath in the middle of the afternoon because it was so hot:

Then Luke and I relaxed. Me in my chair and him in his new chair (a birthday gift from Nona and Poppy):

And because the temperatures were almost in the 90s on Friday, Luke and I walked to pick Maddie up from school. It takes a while because Luke has to stop and look at everything, and he especially loves smelling the flowers:

But how can I blame him when they are just so gorgeous:

On our way home, we diverted downtown for some ice cream:

At the end of Friday night, I spent a few hours having a light dinner and some wine with my friend Leslie. It was wonderful to catch up and gain her insight. She is a poet inside and out, and I love how she listens to all my thoughts and ideas, and then spins poetry out of my life. I wish she’d write my life story! It would be so much more impressive and beautiful!

(recycled picture of Leslie as I forgot to take one when we were out)


Waking up on Sunday felt terrible. I had much work to do and both kids were crabby. My solution? Get them outside for a hike.


(I loved watching this lone bird on a fence. Sometimes don’t we all feel like a lone bird?)


The hike did change our moods as walking through nature, at times right next to a gurgling stream, seems to put everything back into perspective. I dream one day of living in a small house next to a pond with a creek that feeds right into it (thing Thoreau here). But since I can’t have that, these little hikes suffice my desire.

In better moods, we came home and cleaned and cooked dinner for some of my favorite people, Mark and Carolyn. WE had a wonderful dinner with them and I couldn’t be more honest when I say that I enjoyed every minute they were at my house. I love these friends.


Luke finally broke our TV. It’s actually amazing it didn’t happen earlier considering he climbs all over it and pushes every button he can get his hands on. But this is not a bad thing. In fact, I’m thankful the T.V. is finally dust: no more movies, silly TV shows, or reasons to waste time. As a family, we don’t watch a lot of TV anyway, but still, I’m happy it’s gone (Luke and Maddie have yet to jump on board my happy train).



Finally, last night I walked over to a neighbor’s house who is also my colleague at the university because I desperately needed some help with putting together an evaluation packet (it’s a new form and folder, so I’m not quite sure how exactly it’s supposed to be done this year). Not only did I get the help I needed, but I also got the chance to hang out with my colleague, another friend, and some people (soon to be come my friends!) and talk about books and music and life and challenges and triumphs. We sat in a small living room, drinking whiskey on ice out of jelly jars, and I swear if that’s not what life should be about, then I don’t understand anything. Yesterday was a long, exhausting day, but it ended on the most.perfect.note. ever.


So from walks, to flower gazing, to a few unusually hot days, and to dinner with friends, broken TVs, and whiskey out of jelly jars: I am THANKFUL almost beyond comprehension.



4 Responses to “walks, some other stuff, and whiskey”

  1. Jen Says:

    I love that picture of luke in the tub. And you guys are a TOTAL TV family, that’s gonna suck !

  2. Denise Says:

    we got rid of our cable and watch netflix on the computer when we are falling asleep, love it!!!!

    What a great week!

  3. GEW Says:

    Luke it looking so much older! Just in time for his big day! I really need to follow your lead on hiking. It just seems like such a challenge to get them moving, and I’m dreading the complaints. But I should just make them do it! Like you do! 🙂

  4. Jenny Says:

    Okay, you’ve converted me. I will start enjoying blogs, your blog in particular, like everyone else in the world. Love you.

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