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I am a bad blogger lately… October 17, 2011

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…but mostly it’s because of this:

and this:

Oh how I went from 0-60 in just a few short days. My long, glorious, relaxing summer days came to an abrupt halt when the university started up again, and I began teaching 4 more classes. Thus, my regularity in blogging also halted. And now I feel so back logged  that I’ve decided to just blog once a day (hopefully. Maybe once every other day) about what’s happened over the past month.

Today’s post is all about music. Which I’ve seen a lot of in the past month and all of it has been local, starting with KCPR’s (our local university radio station) Fall Flood Festival, in which there were 3 days of music being played all around our town: in bars, in museums, and in coffee shops. It was a wonderful weekend, and I spent the entire three days surrounded by my friends, my kids, and lots of musicians.

Kyle Field, aka “Little Wings,” played a few times (as a side, Maddie met Kyle and listened to him play for the first time. When he introduced himself to het, she said, “Mom, it’s so nice you’re friends with a homeless person.” To which I told her that Kyle is not homeless and is in fact a well-respected, semi-famous musician, who has played and is friends with Feist. Then she was enamored.):

Bottle reunited for the first time since 1997:

Sparrow’s Gate played:

There were so many musicians I had the chance to see, but to post all the pictures would be laborious, and probably quite boring for those not familiar with our town’s old bands.

I also got a chance to see Justin Townes Earle play, and even though I’m not a fan of country music, it was a great show. And his music, while country, harkens to old Americana country, like Johnny Cash or his father, Steve Earle.

Finally, I had the privilege of seeing Matt Pond, PA, whom I’ve adored for about 8 years now. He’s a real mellow singer songwriter, but even though he had a broken leg and the crowd was pretty small, he put a fabulous show, and his stage presence was amazing. I honestly wanted to make love to him after hearing him play.

My favorite song of his:

That’s it. Short and sweet. I have a ton of essays to grade in the next few weeks, but I’ll catch up on my blogging.