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and, yes, apparently, I am still a bad blogger. November 8, 2011

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I am sitting in my office right now waiting for students to come and receive help from me about the essay they have due the next class. I canceled classes for today and tomorrow, pushed back their essay deadline,  and am holding office hours for 4 hours today and 5 hours tomorrow in the hopes that students will be proactive and work on improving their essays before they turn them in. The benefit, I believe, will be that I get to read better essays and the students learn more about the writing process.

This idea, however, doesn’t seem to be coming to fruition.

Not one student has come to see me and I’ve been sitting in my office since 11:00.

Whatever. I’m not going to let it get to me because this is what my office desk looks like right now:

Essays, homework assignments, emails to return. I am so very busy right now. I honestly feel like I may never catch up to all the grading I have to finish. And then, as soon as I do finish a pile, another one just replaces it. It’s so frustrating. So frustrating that for Halloween I attended a party and the theme was “Afterlife,” so I thought and thought and though about a costume and I finally decided that I should just follow my heart.

I went as the death of an English teacher.


Maddie and I worked really hard on this costume. I made photocopies of student essays and gave Maddie a red pen and told her to write whatever she wanted to on them, but to make sure she wrote a big “F” on each piece of paper. She had so much fun doing this. Here are some of her editing comments:

“My 12 year old daughter can write better than you.”

“This is why I’m retiring.”

“I should have become a doctor.”

“You’re writing is KILLING me.”

So we took these essays and stapled them all over my clothes. We took an old head band and glued essays to it as well as red pens and binder clips. I put red pens and binder clips all over myself and zombied out my face. On my back I attached my REAL paycheck stub and wrote: “I died for this much money a month.”

Seriously, it was a great costume. And people could not believe how much little I made a month. “That’s just soooooo sad,” they commented.

You’re telling me.

Anyway, I should be grading and trying to clear off my desk, but perhaps I’m more like my students than I wish to admit because I cannot muster up the strength/courage/ability/attention to grade one more terrible essay. So, instead, I’m updating my blog. Which, in my last blog post, I said I’d be doing every other day until I had caught up.

But obviously I didn’t.

So I’ve spent the past 2 hours, sitting in my office, alone putting all my photos on the computer and organizing everything so that I can actually blog with ease over the next week and catch up on everything.

Thank God. All this pressure is making me so very anxious.


His essay was terrible. I don’t even know how he’s going to improve it before the due date. Ugh.

Anyway, To alleviate all this back loaded blogging  pressure I AM going to post every other day until I catch up. I SWEAR.

Starting with this post, which is now secondly titled:


So we are a soccer family. In all honesty, it’s probably the only game I can sit and watch in entirety, which is odd, I know, because soccer is such a low scoring game and most people find it boring. But not me. And not Maddie.

We’re not sure about Luke again. He’s the wild card of the family.

I took Maddie and Luke to watch our university soccer team play against our rivals. We went with my best friend Denise and her daughter and we had the best time.

(Game time)

Luke, Maddie, and Denise.

Denise and I. We never get to see each other even though we live in the same county and work at the same place. Thus, I am always so grateful for the time we do spend together.

Me and Maddie. She sat with her friend for almost the entire game, which made me really sad, but I just let her go and hid the tears.

All Luke wanted to do was play under the bleachers.

Denise’s daughter Jailyn played soccer with her team for the half-time show.

Our school won and I loved how the students all rushed the field.

We’ve also been going to our university’s girl’s club soccer games. We go because the kids’ amazing babysitter, Alison, is the president of the club and she plays as well. Although she is the kindest babysitter ever, she plays a mean game of soccer and is incredibly aggressive. I also like to take the kids to these games because we get to sit on the field instead of bleachers, so it feels more intimate and because I want Maddie to see all the great female athletes on the team–hopefully, she’ll find it all so inspiring that she’ll decide  not to do drugs or have sex while she’s a teenager.

Fingers crossed.

Game on.

Hmmm….Luke’s not interested in watching the game, so he’ll just try to climb the fence and bother everyone around him…

…but then he’ll pause for a moment and pay attention. Then he’ll go back to bugging everyone…

…until he finally falls asleep…

…and misses the best play of the day.

Like clockwork, every time we go to a game, this is what Luke does.  Maddie and I think he may not be a soccer player when he gets older. What a sad thought. What will I do Saturdays in the Fall? How will I keep my kid off drugs?

Finally, Maddie’s playing on a kick-ass soccer team this season, and they are undefeated.

She’s out there somewhere playing.

Watching her team play (and dominate!) is exhilarating, and I’m proud that Maddie’s becoming a more aggressive player (last week she got yellow carded for taking out a player. I know I should feel shame, but I felt pride. If this makes me a terrible parent, then bring it on…). The one thing I don’t like is the early morning games:

Freezing cold.

Even though his sister is playing right in front of him, all Luke wants to do is play. His favorite game is to just hide. He reminds me of a osritch.

But I guess all that matters is that Maddie is having fun and enjoying herself.

And not doing drugs.


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  1. --ginger. Says:

    Okay, I think that your halloween costume might be the best costume I’ve ever seen. And I don’t know if you know this about me, but I know a LOT about making costumes. It’s one of my weird side lives that I made costumes. And I am SO. IMPRESSED. by your idea. Dangit, Courtney. So excellent. My fave part was the stuff Maddie wrote on the essay. Excellent.

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