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I’m back….. June 26, 2012

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It’s been forever, I know. To be honest, I was so busy with school that I haven’t even had a chance to look at my blog, let alone write in it (or keep up on friends’ blogs as well). But school ended 2 weeks ago today, and I gave myself 1 week off to indulge in NOTHING but reading and lounging and a little bit of crafting. But then that week stretched into two, and this morning, I woke up and said: I HAVE TO WRITE TODAY.

Mostly I want to catch up on all that’s occurred in the past few months, but I’m also a little panicky because I have no desire to write at all, and I believe it’s because I’m out of practice. And with only 2 months left of summer for me and a whole bunch of writing projects running through my head, I must get back to writing, and this little blog is the perfect place to start.

So I’ll be going back in time the next few days, trying to catch up, but for today, I’m only focusing on one thing: Luke turned 4 (like forever ago)!

My baby is a little boy for sure now, and it makes me happy and sad at the exact same time. I’m happy because he’s a bit more self-sufficient, but I’m sad because he’s no longer this easy baby who needs me all the time (you can see how this says more about me than him).  But, time springs forward no matter how much we try to slow it down.

Luke is four. And he’s a little monster. Actually, I call him the Tasmanian devil, but at the same time, he’s also so sweet and loving and it’s hard to resist his, “I’m sorry, mama. I’m so sorry.” At least I know one thing for sure: the kid’s got personality.

His birthday, unfortunately, landed on Easter this year, and so we only had a small, family party on Easter (which is fine because I don’t believe every year should be a big birthday affair: only the special birthdays, which mostly revolve around whether or not I pull it together in time for the actual day).

So we started out with typical Easter activities, searching for eggs, and Luke loved this part so much. I re-hid the eggs a couple of times so he could keep going and he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Either way, he was so.very.happy.

The we had a traditional Easter dinner and finally, Luke got to open his presents:

(a ball and fuzzy glove for catching [obviously I don’t know the real name])

(A baby doll that he really wanted. He named her–I swear to God–noodle).

(Maddie and I got him a scooter, which he loves!)

There were more presents but not that much more. And the thing is, the great thing about Luke, is that he’d be happy with one present or two. He really doesn’t–yet–have that intrinsic American need for more, more, more.

(Luke wanted cupcakes for his birthday instead of cake!)

Oh,my Luke. He’s a darling, a dandy, a crazy little kid, but he’s mine, and I love him. I hope he doesn’t ever lose his spunk or twinkling, mischievous eyes, or his yearn for adventure. I also hope he doesn’t lose his love for mama or Maddie or Auntie or Cate. While I may go to bed exhausted every night because he can certainly wear me out, at least I have a boy full of energy, love, and spirit. I’m one fortunate mama.

Some Luke love: