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I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 18, 2012

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I know, I’ve said it before but this time I mean it. I got so bogged down trying to catch up on all that had happened that I became inert. So, fuck it. I’m not going to go backwards, only forwards.

So much to tell, so much to say, but it’ll have to wait for that one a day post.

So for now, to start off on something super cheery, an essay my daughter Maddie wrote last week  about her grandpa (poppy). Maddie and I don’t always get along these days, but when I read this I just melted. (And I SWEAR I did not help her with any of this).



            They say that people who do the most for you are the people who hear thank you the least. My grandpa (poppy) always does everything he can to help around the house. Whenever he visits he always wants to know what he can fix and what time he can pick me up from school.  He is fun, active, and inspiring. Most of all Poppy demonstrates respect, positivity, and kindness to not only me, but to the whole family which is something that makes him unforgettable.

Poppy walks through the door in his gruff and scary voice and asks “where’s my hug?!” All four grandkids race to him and give him the biggest hug we can give. Then he softens up and starts walking in circles asking what time the football game is on.  Poppy is a one of a kind man. He loves every sport especially football. Green Bay Packers is a sacred word in our family. Whenever they lose he starts cursing in Italian and paces back and forth.  Sports is not the only thing Poppy is good at; he is good at pretty much everything.

Poppy attends church every Sunday and then calls me to make sure that my week at school was good.  He works six days a week so his wife (nona) doesn’t have to.  Respectful describes Poppy the best. I’ve noticed he holds the door open for everyone. Ever since I was little I’ve watched him do this and now it is a natural instinct. I have him to thank for that.  My favorite thing about Poppy besides his respectfulness is our little traditions. Every time he visits he takes me out to whatever breakfast I want. We play tic-tac-toe and then go home and watch the Honeymooners, which was his favorite show growing up.

“So thank you Poppy you do the most for me and I hardly ever say thank you.”  So this is for the best man, athlete, and Poppy that I’ve ever met. No matter how many mistakes I make you will always forgive me.  Even though I may be way too old to run and give my grandpa a hug, I still do because my grandpa still runs and hugs me.