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what i want November 17, 2012

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Considering my last post was so dreary and considering I’ve been feeling rather melancholy lately anyway, I thought it might be best if I started focusing on the things I want in my life. Because I do believe that if you want something, you shall get it. The universe is kind that way.

First, let’s get past the obvious:

I want health and happiness for my kids, I want world peace, I want inner-peace, I want better earth for everyone to inhabit, I want freedom for all, I want kindness to be a guiding principle to all.

But, for me, I want:

A garden of my own, to grow food and to find solace in nature:

A home for me and my kids to live in. Something small and something comforting.



A tiny nook for me to read and write.



Life-long, good girlfriends


An adventure. I’m desperately in need of one.




A long hike somewhere beautiful.




And a man. A good man. One who will cherish me, spoil me, love me. LOVE ME.

(Ha! This picture is actually of me. Hope I don’t get in trouble, though I shouldn’t since it is me! And I don’t want the man in the photo. Just the happiness please)

These are my wants. Not my wishes. And I will work on making this all come true.

You don’t think it’s too much to want, do you?