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bart bitch December 17, 2012

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Some things you need to know:

1. I was planning on writing a deep blog about being a mentally and emotionally stable woman and how much that sucks, but then this little story crept up and was way better. I’ll post about my emotional well-being another day.

2. My mom and dad live in the Bay Area.

3. I’m single.

So, I was at my sister’s house the other day and my parents were visiting. My mom and I were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden she starts talking about people she kind of knows who make a lot of money. The conversation went something like this:

Mom: So my neighbor’s son had to sign for her lease–she’s 80–and that wasn’t a problem because he makes like $450,000 a year? can you even imagine that?

Me: No.

Mom: And Jan’s son–you remember Jan don’t you?

Me: No.

Mom: Well, her son and wife just bought a $1.2 million dollar house and then they sold it to buy a $2.6 million dollar house in Palo Alto. Can you even imagine the salary they make?

Me: No.

Mom: And then there was this guy that your dad knows and his daughter got a job in the tech industry in Mountainview, and do you know how much she’s making?

Me: No.

Mom: $120,000. And she’s 28 years old.


Mom: Do you understand what I’m saying?

Me: No. Do you want me to get a job in the tech industry? Cause I’m really not qualified.

(In walks my sister and best friend Katy)

Mom: No. But since you’re single and you’ve been really sad, I think you should come stay with us and ride the train in the morning?

Me: WHAT???

My sister: Yes, that’s a great idea!

Me: WHAT???

Mom: Well, those commuter trains are filled with men who make millions of dollars. You could just ride it in the morning and meet someone.

(Mom beaming)

My sister: YES!!!

Katy: That’s a great idea.

Me: So you want me to come up and stay with you and then get up in the early morning to go sit on a commuter train to try and meet someone?

Mom: Exactly. Your dad could drive and pick you up.

My sister: You could totally blog about it.

Katy: You really could.

My sister: You could call it Bart Bitch.

Mom: No. You can’t blog about it. You don’t want to give away your secrets.

Me: Are you for real?

Everyone: YES!

The next day, I was at Maddie’s soccer game with my mom; Carolyn, a good family friend; and Carol, one of Maddie’s teammate’s moms. Again, the subject was broached.

Mom: I mean, don’t you think that’s a great idea?

Me: No.

Carol: It is. It really is. You should do it.

Carolyn: Seriously Courtney, you should try it. It can’t hurt.

Me: Oh My God.

All I could think about was how desperate I must look. Ok, I know I’ve been a bit sad lately, but it’s not like I’m pathetic. But this is how I imagined the whole thing going down (pretend I’m at the bart stop and you’ll probably have to click on the pictures to actually see the words. sorry.)

bart 1

bart 2

bart 3

bart 4

Bart Bitch. That’s what I’ll call myself. Wait for the new blog with that title.

Unless, I find a man my own way–whether wealthy or not. (and chances are he won’t be wealthy cause that just kind of freaks me out).


peace within December 14, 2012

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I had a very funny blog post all ready to write, but then in the wake of what happened in Connecticut, it didn’t seem appropriate to post anything funny. Maybe in a few days.

Today, amidst all my tears and sorrow for what happened, I was at the mission in our town watching the bells rung at noon. My friend, Neal, invited us to go as he’s the person who rings the Friday noon bells.

What a perfect day for us to partake in this ceremony, for as the bells were ringing, I stopped for a moment and uttered one simple prayer to God:



But then I also realized that if we want peace in the world, and less violence, whether in Syria or at home, we should start practicing it in our own lives. Something I try to do and fail at constantly.

But I’m done. I’m done being angry and vengeful. I’m done showing my kids how NOT to behave. So, here’s my early New Year’s resolution: more peace within my own life. More love and understanding and caring. Less gossip, negativity, anger, loss, and empty promises.

For we are all united and we have much to cherish. And we need to do a better job individually if we are ever to have anything resembling peace.

This video should inspire us all to realize the power of our words, the power of our hearts. And that power should be positive.