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dear universe April 17, 2013

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Dear Universe,

I went on a date last night.

It was wonderful.

Amazing even.

He’s everything I think I might want in a man and get this, he’s not my type at all (meaning he’s not emotionally unavailable, is not narcissistic, and by God, he’s not even edgy).

So, I wait. And this waiting kind of stinks.

Because I wonder: Did he like me? Did he find me amazing?

Because, I am amazing–in a million ways. And I’m normal. Kind of.

So, to the universe–please allow for more dates, more excitement, more love to me.

And if he rejects me, then I might just cry–for a second, of course, because I’m really not like that.

But seriously, universe, I think I deserve this. Haven’t I been through enough???


2 Responses to “dear universe”

  1. Well, that’s great! Savor the possibilites!

  2. Tessa Says:


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