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let the good times roll December 31, 2013

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 11:29 am

Christmas time is a blast for me. I love it all: the cheer, the songs, the wrapping, the buying. All of it. this is my holiday.

The only thing I regret this year is not turning my bookshelves into this:

42(Why did I not think of this myself????)

I think what I like most about this season is the hunkering down I tend to do over the holidays. I stay in. I hang out with the kids. We watch movies. We get a break from work and school. Everything just slows down in life. I love it.

Here’s the highlights:

13(Decorating the Christmas tree and Luke refused to wear pants. That’s the way we roll.)

14(We celebrated the holiday by seeing the local band Fialta play all Christmas music at Kreuzberg, our local coffee shop. Who knew that a bunch of adults singing Christmas carols could be so much fun?)

16(I went to a few holiday parties)

18(And we hosted our own gathering)

11(We drank champagne instead of beer or wine!)

19(Shopped for Christmas presents and found th most inappropriate toy EVER. To me, this just screams rape. I mean, come on, the only girl smurf lying in a martini glass? Who thought this was a good idea?)

35(Then Christmas was upon us and I was so thankful to just be present with my kids–the best gift ever)

43(Maddie got what she wanted from Santa)

37(So did Luke)

44(Kirby got cheeky)

45(Kirby got Maddie sloth socks because as a 14 year old teenage girl, her closest animal relative right now is a sloth)

38(Luke getting Lincoln  Logs. I loved these as a kid)

32(Luke got not one, but two watches.)

36(Maddie finally getting her own rainbow sandals so now she can stop wearing mine)

39(Even though Maddie claims to hate reading, I still made sure she got some books, hopefully not to just collect dust And a Kirby photo bomb in the back)

31(Maddie’s  gift to Luke: a firetruck set)

33(The bounty!)

I wish I could say we did some extravagant things after Christmas and before today, but besides a few trips to the movies and to walk around, we all stayed inside and just played, slept, and ate. It was glorious.)
















And finally, I caught up on all my New York Times Sunday newspapers:


The end. Our vacation is almost over and it’s New Years Eve. Time to prepare for 2014.


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