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this kid is amazing. July 14, 2014

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Luke is amazing. He is so utterly unique and unaware of social norms that most people can’t help but love him. Except maybe his teachers who have a hard time with how curious, excitable, and energetic he is. And there are others as well. Luke can be loud and he has his head in the clouds most of the time, and I have so many friends and family who have asked me if he’s been tested for autism, or have encouraged me to be stricter with him–to punish him more often, or who have pointed out that I might have a blind spot when it comes to him because I’m his mother.

Those people may be right, especially about me being his mother, and as his mother, I know him better than anyone. And I know that Luke is fine just the way he is. I accept him. I encourage him. I will not put him in a box. 

That’s the thing about Luke: I have no idea what he’s going to be when he grows up (not even an inkling!), how he will be socially, what sports he’ll like (if any), what kind of friends he might have. He is a complete mystery to me and to most people who meet him. He defies any box.

Maddie was much more predictable. By 6 years old, I kind of had her personality figured out and she’s stayed pretty consistent to who she is now, at 15, to who she was then, at 6. When Luke was a bit younger, I spent a lot of time worrying about him and trying to figure him out, and it’s not that i don’t worry about him now, but I’ve stopped trying to figure him out.

Because Luke just is. He’s always in the present, has a touch of anxiety to him, and is so incredibly lovable that sometimes I forget he’s 6 and think of him still as a baby.

Luke spends half of his time at his dad’s and I’m not sure how things work over there, but I know in my house we celebrate Luke every damn day. He brings us light, and joy, and love.

That’s one thing he’s consistent about. 


Luke’s 6th birthday bowling party:

 IMG_2717  IMG_2721 IMG_2722 IMG_2725 IMG_2726  IMG_2728  IMG_2730 IMG_2731 IMG_2732  

Luke’s birthday dinner choice–make your own pizzas:

  IMG_2738   IMG_2741

Luke’s birthday gift–a trampoline:

IMG_2742  IMG_2840IMG_2744   

Luke’s birthday cake:


IMG_2749 IMG_2751  IMG_2754  IMG_2758IMG_2756   

Luke getting silly with Kirby:

 IMG_2760  IMG_2762 

Luke sleeping like most men I know:


Playing in 100 degree weather:


Luke getting the chance to help drive the train with my dad:

IMG_2882 IMG_2883      

Luke’s ant farm that I think we all enjoyed more than him:


Luke cut his own hair at school:


Family craft day at school (with that terrible haircut!):  

IMG_2940 IMG_2946                                            

Luke lost his first tooth:



Luke at the beach wearing Maddie’s old hat—his favorite.




Luke’s new obsession with wearing Maddie’s clothes:


It’s funny how many people have a problem with the way Luke acts and dresses sometimes. But he doesn’t care at all. And I don’t either.


I say, Jump Luke. Fly farther than you think you can go. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




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