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Monday: a photo journal October 14, 2014

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(Why do I keep waking up at 5:20? Every damn morning. This sucks.)


(Me in the morning. Not pretty)


(Check the weather. But I don’t believe it. Yesterday it said 85 degrees. It was 95 degrees).


(All in one. I make Luke’s breakfast, my coffee, and Luke’s lunch all at once)


(Seriously this is how I iron.)


(Maddie is up. And not happy)


(Meanwhile, Luke just waits in bed for me to get him ready for school. Like a prince.)


(We’re ready for school. God, I look chubby).


(But first, I’ve got to go to the bank)


(Then Luke and I stop for coffee and hot chocolate. Its a Monday ritual since school starts late on Mondays.)


(Dropping Luke off at school always makes me sad that the weekend is over)


(What’s that? I got the last parking spot! Hell yeah. This just saved me about 1/2 hour driving and 15 minutes walking. Who’s car is that? Not mine. My car blew up a few weeks ago. Shout out to my dad for letting me borrow his car. Shout out to my Aunt Linda for getting my car hooked up in LA for less money)


(And I have arrived)


(About to go in my office. That small picture is a young Bob Dylan. I kiss him every time I open my door, Laverne and Shirley style.)


(I have so much grading to do, but first I must turn on some music.)


(10am: off to physics class)


(Pete teaching and damn I have no idea what he’s talking about)


(None of this makes any sense. I seriously feel like crying, but at the same time I’m amazed that these freshmen surrounding me all seem to get it. They are so smart. )


(Out of class. Got a text from Kirby, who’s leaving for Australia today–actually his plane is probably taking off right now–for four months. I almost cry I miss him so much already)


(Then I get this text from Maddie and I do cry a little)


(Time for some coffee. Starbucks has invaded our campus, which seriously bums me out. But, what can I do? Actually, I can do a million things, like bring in my own coffee maker–I’m working on that.)


(Back to my office for grading. Note: I have a mounting headache)

walking to class

(Walking to my first class to teach. This campus is busy at noon)

first class

(12-1p.m.: first class)

first class1

(Gave a lecture and now cleaning up)

weather lied

(Realize I’m hot and check the weather. I knew it. Liars!)

second class

(1-2p.m. second class)

2nd class 2

(Giving the same lecture I gave to my 12-1 class)

office hours

(2-3p.m. Office hours. Only 2 people come to see me. This worries me as this is my last office hours before students’ first essay is due.)

toilet paper

(Go to the bathroom and seriously consider how I can steal the toilet paper because you know, toilet paper is expensive!)

gray hairs

(Besides the poorly painted nails, I can see two new gray hairs standing straight up. This depresses me.)

2-3(3-4p.m. class. Giving the same damn lecture)

4-5(4-5p.m class.  Same. Lecture. Kill me now. I hate this lecture.)

5(And I’m finished for the day. Peace out!)

no traffic(5 p.m. traffic. As in no traffic. I love where I live)

jessies(Pick Luke up at Ms. Jessie’s! So happy to see him.)

kisses(Give Luke at least 10 kisses before we even leave Ms. Jessie’s house.)


(Drive home and notice that someone already took out the trash. This makes me unbelievably happy).

home(Ahhhh…finally home)

mads(Maddie’s already home from school and volleyball practice. Give her kisses. She’s like, “Why are you taking a picture of this.” I say, “So I’ll always remember how beautiful you are.” She pushes me out of the room and closes the door. Teenagers.)

hw(Homework time for Luke)

mads hw(Maddie’s doing her homework too. I ask if she needs help. She just laughs. We both know I’m not skilled enough to help her anymore)

dinner(Start dinner. Pork because it cooks quickly)

dins(Dinner is finished)

eating(The kids like it and eat in about 5 minutes flat. Why do I put so much time into dinner when they barely appreciate it? Pizza for tomorrow)

dishes(Ugh. Dishes)

luke shower(Give Luke a shower)

reading(Read Luke a book)

homeland(Consider reading myself, but opt for watching Homeland instead. That Carrie. She’s crazy)

end of day(9p.m. .Brush my teeth. Wash my face. Forgo shower because OMG. I’m so tired. Bedtime for me)


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