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lovin’ me some family November 10, 2014

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So this post should have gone up yesterday, but I didn’t have the energy late last night . Sigh.

My brother came into town and I was so excited to see him; it’s been at least 6 months since he last visited. And I just love my brother so much. Sure, he has his issues, but we’ve always had a really good adult relationship and he never judges me and always gives great advice. So when he walked up my front porch, I almost started crying, i was so happy to see him. And then we just dumped our lives out to each other. And it was a dump–this is happening, that’s happened, this is how I feel. I used to do this daily with Kirby, but since he’s been gone I’ve been feeling so pent up emotionally, it was good to finally unload. I’m thankful I’m blessed with such an amazing brother who’s also a good listener.


Later in the evening we heading to SLO Brew to see Mason Jennings in concert, and while it wasn’t the best show I’ve seen lately, he was still damn good. Plus, I’ve been a fan of his for over 10 years and this was the first time I saw him live. I’m thankful for that.


Just as we were leaving the show, my brother received a text message from my sister and unbelievably, she was downtown with some of her girlfriends too (this never happens), so we met up and had a beer and it was the three of us all together (this also never happens).


(I seriously don’t know why I look 5 months pregnant in this photo, but I do)

Good music, hanging out with my siblings…It was a good night.


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