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doubling up November 12, 2014

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I cannot believe I forgot to write yesterday. I even told myself, “Make sure you write a post!” But then I–obviously–forgot. So today, I’m doubling up.


I’m thankful I had a day off! And yes, I’m thankful for veterans though i wish we didn’t need to have any. And during my day off, I played a lot with Luke (Maddie was catching up on homework all day, so I don’t think she appreciated the day off as much as me, though I bet she’s glad to have had a day off to catch up!):


I was also thankful to hear (via Intsagram) that my best friend, Katy, got engaged. No one, and I mean no one, deserves love and happiness more than her.



I’m thankful when I see a bunch of free books in a hallway and I find some that I  want. Actually, I didn’t have enough space in my hands, so I had to go back for more:

free books


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