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tripling up! November 16, 2014

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Well, damn. I thought writing once a day would be so easy–after all, I did it for a whole year before! But I’m finding it difficult to remember. Sigh. Maybe it’s an out-of-practice thing. Or maybe it’s an age thing.


I’m thankful I got to spend some quality time with Luke in the morning. Friday is a transition day, meaning this week, he does to his dad’s house, and I always get a little teary eyed about not seeing him until Tuesday. So we often spend quality time discussing the finer things in like, ahem, Luke’s life: batman, Frozen, his best friend Zoe, what we will do next week. And I cherish every minute of it.

morn 2




I am also SUPER thankful that someone (really, there’s no name; it’s posted under anonymous) wrote this article, titled, “10 Things Single Parents Won’t Say (Because of how they’ll be judged).” I’ve been a single mom for over 15 years now and this article is Truth, with a capital “T.” Every person should read it, regardless of whether you’re a single parent or not because it will teach you how to treat a singe parent (like, with a bit of respect and understanding).


I woke up sick and with a case of PINK EYE of all things. I know this is from the university because I’ve been surrounded by sick kids all week, coughing and sneezing all around me. Plus, at least one student in each class told me that pink eye is going around the dorms. So nothing really made me feel that thankful other than I had some old pink eye medicine in the cabinet and advil. But then I saw this and I realized exactly what I want for Christmas.


NO JOKE!!!! Can someone please make this happen? Please. Id be forever thankful.


I’m still sick. Ugh. However I did manage to get out of bed and go to the first ever  SLO Record Swap. Yeah, I looked terrible and just wanted to lie back in bed and of course I saw a bunch of people I knew there, but I wanted to go and support our local economy and my friend who put it on, so I dragged my sick ass out of bed for an hour.

And I did find a bunch of records:


And to boot, Maddie and I ran into Carolyn, who’s looking fine as ever:


So even though I just wanted to crawl back into bed and I’m a bit embarrassed that so many people saw me looking my worst, I’m thankful I did get out of bed for a bit today.


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