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what makes my kids thankful… November 18, 2014

Filed under: food — courtsbrogno @ 8:44 pm

…is when I go grocery shopping. I’ll be honest, we’ve been running low on food. Not to the point of not having food, but enough to the point that both kids kept saying, “Can you go to the store PLEASE!!!”

But I’ve been busy and sick, and so today I finally had time to go, and brought back groceries.

And spent $180 on just the basics. JUST THE BASICS. Like juice, milk, sugar, cheese, toilet paper, bread, cereal, bagels, cheese, fruit, veggies. I honestly did not buy one non-necessary item.

This does not make me so happy. How high  has inflation gotten? Because seriously, this is ridiculous.

But I’m thankful my kids are happy.


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