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how three days turn into one November 29, 2014

Filed under: work — courtsbrogno @ 7:14 pm

Very easily, actually. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday all turned into one day. Everything became the same except the actual day.

Let me explain. My kids were gone for Thanksgiving: Luke was at his dad’s house and Maddie went to my aunt’s house with my parents. I declined going with Maddie because I had SO MUCH WORK  to catch up on. Both my roommates were gone as well. So for the past three days, I’ve graded and napped and cleaned and graded and cleaned and napped.

Besides the grading, it was pretty mellow. The only thing that changed is the location of where I did my work.

The living room table was fun for awhile:

computer 2


Then the dining room was fun and had better light:


computer 1


Then the living room was cozy:


computer 3


But my bed was the most comfy:


computer 4


All I have left to grade is this, which I’ll get to tomorrow:

computer 5


But I was missing my family and my kids, and I’m happy to say that for the first time in three days I’m leaving tonight to have a drink with a friend.

But even though I was busy and alone, I’m grateful that I had this break to catch up.


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