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the nickel that just won’t go away December 4, 2014

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A week and a half ago, Luke swallowed a nickel (I already wrote about this). His dad and I have been looking through his poop ever since to no avail. So, the doctor ordered an X-ray.


And this is what we saw. That damn nickel has barely made its way through his stomach.

I’m not thankful for this–far from it. I’m actually worried.

But what I am thankful for is a friend of mine who’s a doctor and works at the hospital. I texted him and asked him to look at the X-ray and he came right over. From there, he made a few personal phone calls–to a radiologist who looked at the X-ray from his home and then to a gastroenterologist. Both the radiologist and gastroenterologist suggested waiting another week and half to do another X-ray to see if the nickel has moved. Hopefully it will have. if not, well, then we go from there.

There’s just one small problem that’s killing me. In a week and a half I’ll be in Ireland, which doesn’t bode well with me. But I’m taking it one day at a time.

So this morning I’m incredibly thankful for my doctor friend, who went above and beyond to help me, Luke, and Luke’s dad.

I also don’t have to look through poop anymore since they’ll be doing another X-ray, so I guess I’m thankful for that as well.


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