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A few days with the Irish December 17, 2014

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Well, I’ve been in Ireland for a few days now, and I’ve enjoyed my trip so much. Except for the rain. The cold I can handle, but the rain…well, even the Irish hate the rain.

Which is so funny because so far every Irish person I’ve met has complained about the cold and rain and I just keep thinking, “wait, isn’t this what your country is known for?” to me, it’s like Californians complaining about the constant 70-80 degree weather.

But I digress. Let’s start from the beginning.

The plane ride: I’m terrified of flying, but I refuse to not travel so I fly with the help of large amounts of benzos. But for some reason, this time when I flew, I was surprisingly calm. Sure I took a few pills up nothing like I had in the past. And I kept waiting for my nerves to kick in or to have a massive panic attack, but it didn’t happen.. It was like my mind kept thinking “ok. Have an attack now,” but my body didn’t. That is something so strange to me yet I’m so thankful. Of course, this also meant I was awake for most of the plane ride.

Which sucked. Let me just say that air Canada is one of the worst airlines I’ve ever flown. First because I requested a window seat and they stuck me in the middle seat (surrounded by 2 very nice Canadian men) and he’s the deal: I’m a small person and I had NO room to move at all. Then from Toronto to Dublin, I had an aisle seat, which was better, but they had no entertainment unless you downloaded their app on your iPad, computer, phone. It would have been nice to know that before I got on the plane. Trust me, I was not alone in my annoyance. Almost everyone on the plane was confused and upset. So I spent 6 hours trying to read, sleep, get comfortable, but mostly I just stared into space. So boring.


Good bye San Francisco.


Hello Dublin.

Once I got through customs I got a taxi and made my way to the airbnb room I had booked for 3 days. It’s a lovely room, about 2 blocks from the guinness factory.



My room.

I dropped off all my luggage (which is really only one bag) and immediately found a cute coffee shop and bakery across the street.


I’ve come here every morning because I can get a coffee (which is really an americano filled to the brim–they don’t make real coffee, like coffee in a coffee maker anywhere here) and started to read the paper. Here’s just a few of the articles I read. The Irish news cracks me up.


I don’t even know what sport this is but it’s reported on every day.


Merkel and dolly Parton? What what?


Apparently, 77% of the Irish are for gay marriage, but there’s also a referendum on this same ballet for lowering the voting age to 16 and the age to be president from 35 to 21. I’d love to see a 21 year old run for president.

Then for the past few days I’ve been exploring.

The nightlife:


Supposedly this guy is the Irish Elvis. I just didn’t see it, but he did cover every American song you could think of, particularly anything from Ed Sheehan, which everyone in the bar requested several times.


At this bar, everyone was wearing an ugly sweater. I later found out it was a bar filled with soccer–ahem, football– players from Scotland. When they found out I was American, they said, “oh yeah, football over the is a girl’s sport.” ummmm….no its not. But anyway, when they found out I was from California they were super nice. Apparently, Americans suck unless you are from California. Lucky me.

The Guinness factory:




St. Patrick’s cathedral:









This guy above built the very first public library in Dublin. That is cool.

Dublin castle:


The castle was cool, but Chester Beatty library, which is connected to the castle, was even more amazing. I met an old, handsome, Irish man who was in charge of the book bindings in the building and he was great. Although he did tell me that the Irish do not like James Joyce or Oscar Wilde. How could the Irish not like their 2 most favorite writers? Because they wrote about “uncivilized” things. Go figure.


The Chester library is where they store copies of the Quran, bible, and European midieval manuscripts. You can’t take pictures, but I silently took the one above. A picture of the quran.

Trinity college and their library:






You couldn’t touch any of the books, but they were so amazing. The library houses more than 200,000 of trinity’s oldest books:


Finally, the book of Kelly’s, a 9th century illuminated manuscript.


And finally, the most of what I’ve seen in Ireland–rain:


Today I’m off to Galway. That is if I figured out the bus schedule correctly.


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  1. GEW Says:

    It all sounds fabulous! Especially the beautiful buildings and the beautiful books and old handsome Irish men who like books.

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