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Cool and confusing, the Irish edition December 19, 2014

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Since I’ve been “across the pond” (I’ve heard this from numerous people), I’ve noticed some really cool things and then some totally confusing parts of the Irish. Now, I could go on for days about what’s cool and confusing about American, but since I’m here, in Ireland, it only seems appropriate to do this country some justice.

Every hotel has a power turning switch attached to your room key, so when you leave your room, all the power goes out too. I mean, I guess you could leave the power key in and just take your room key,but the whole idea behind it is just so cool. Think of how much energy the Irish are saving!


In every hotel room and house/apartment I’ve been in they also have turn off switches for every power outlet. Again,the Irish are saving their country so much money! We should get on this is the states!


Also, the Irish have–in the cities at least–wifi everywhere. I mean, almost every corner has a “hot spot” which is a wifi connection place. This has been great for me because I can’t use my phone unless hooked up to wifi, but I think it’s pretty beneficial for everyone here. On the other hand, though, I will never complain about my students or Maddie being on the phone a lot because the Irish have us beat. They are on their phones constantly and everywhere. It’s quite unbelievable actually.


The Irish get free water. As in, no one in Ireland gets a water bill. Which seems cool, right? It’s not like they really have to worry about droughts and saving water. Yet, right now this is a HUGE topic of concern because the government is discussing charging for water because their sewer and waste water systems are out of date (this explains why No one drinks from the tap and why no restaurant/cafe gives out regular water. It’s like I’m in Mexico or something). I can’t tell you how many people have asked me how much my water bill is in the states and then freaks out because they can’t afford to payoff mother bill. I can see both sides of the argument, but hey, they’re getting free wifi everywhere so maybe paying a small portion of a water bill isnt such a bad idea.

The euro is about as dumb as driving on the left side of the road. I mean, so. Many. Coins.


So in the pic is a 5 euro and a 50 euro– both the same color and size, pretty much. I thought the whole idea of different colored money would be better distinction. But nope, because I’ve had tobe very careful with those 50 euros. The the coins! So they don’t have 1 or 2 euros in paper, so that means if you drop a coin it could be 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1 euro, or 2 euros. For reals? This is just ridiculous, and it means that if you drop a coin, you don’t keep walking like in the states. You pick that up! You don’t want to just drop 2 euro.

Every sign is in English and Gaelic. But here’s the deal,no one really speaks Gaelic. Theyre taught it in school,but no one actually uses it, so I’ve been told. It’s just a way to hold onto their heritage. So, here’s where I have to give the states so credit. I really thought we were the only country whose citizens really only speak English, compared to most of our European counterparts who speak like 4 languages and in south America as well…and well pretty much everywhere else, but not the Irish. They don’t learn Spanish or hey, even mandarin. Nope, they learn Gaelic, a pretty much dead language.


This brings me to a touchy subject: the Irish are pretty damn ugly. The pattern seems to go like this: cute babies–>cute kids–>awkward teenagers–> hipster and cute 20s–>terrible and ugly 30s-50s–>adorable old people.

I can’t say anymore. I really feel badly about this but my advice to the Irish would be STOP BREEDING JUST IRISH GENES. MIX IT UP.

Finallly, CCTV. I’ve seen how CCTV is used in all the UK movies and TV shows I’ve seen, but when you see it all around with “CCTV taping 24 hours a day” notices, it feels a little creepy. Like I’m in some kind is surveillance state. Which I am. I guess.


That’s it for now. I hate to pick on this beautiful country,but hey, I’d do it to the states in a heart beat and probably have a lot worse to say.


2 Responses to “Cool and confusing, the Irish edition”

  1. nmacdoug Says:

    Here is a piece from Friday’s NY Times, “The Irish Rebellion Over Water”, that may explain the water thing a bit more:

  2. Sally Says:

    Interesting that they learn Gaelic but don’t speak it. The Welsh learn Welsh and totally speak it all the time! (Well, at least in Aberystwyth the do.) Did you bathrooms have towel warmers? xo

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