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I need to pay more attention January 9, 2017

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Today was the first day back to school, and I was excited. I was ready. I was prepared.

I even got a good parking spot because I got to school at 8am. I figured I’d organize a little and then spend some time reading and relaxing before teaching my first class at 1pm.

I was so, so, so, so wrong.

As I sat down in my office and turned on my computer, I checked my email. And there it was: the most dreaded email ever:


This is a friendly reminder to come to the dean’s office (Bldg. 47, Room 31) to review your Personnel Action File (PAF) prior to the close of your Working Personnel Action File (WPAF) and PAF on Tuesday, January 17th.  Please bring a copy of your updated CV/resume with you to place in your PAF (this copy is in addition to the one you will place in your WPAF).

Now, to be honest, we did get a reminder email last November, but I was in the middle of several crises and probably didn’t even open the email.

So now, my relaxed morning turned into a mad dash of printing things out, trying to find student essays from 3 years ago, and looking for my CV. And because the university switched email servers, I couldn’t look up old student essays and also because Luke broke my old computer beyond repair, I was in a complete panic.


(Complete office disaster as I frantically search and collect)

This might seem trivial to many who are not in academia, but this is a HUGE ordeal for us. I mean my last folder was over 300 pages long!

And it’s all due by next Tuesday. Holy shit, I got into action–like an absolute mad person.

Then my lovely officemate, Leslie, came in and asked me a question about the community college we both also teach at, and I said very nicely, “I can’t even think about that right now. I’ve got to focus on my evaluation.”

To which she said, “But school starts on Monday. When are you going to prepare?”

Monday. In like a week? I thought it started in two weeks. Nope. I was wrong. So now I’m double behind.

But I took a deep breath and brought a bunch of work home with me and organized it.


(My bed is a great place to organize)

BUT I’ll get to school super early tomorrow morning and try and finish my review so I can then focus on the community college.

I’ll get it all done. I may have a long few days ahead of me, but that’s fine. At least I don’t have Luke this week, so I’m grateful (in a sad sort of way) that I’ll be able to concentrate much more easily.



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