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What a long weekend that was January 18, 2017

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A four day weekend is blissful unless you have an 8 year old to keep happy.

I tired my hardest.


Took Luke on a bike ride.


Went shopping with Maddie and Luke. Maddie was looking for a Winter Formal dress and so we went into several stores and watched as she tried on dresses. Luke was in hell. He’s clearly more like me: not a fan of clothes shopping. But then I treated them both to some coffee/hot chocolate:


When we got home, Luke played with his toys and Maddie and I watched DeadPool together. It was her movie choice and it was so funny and just, overall, excellent.




Started the day off playing probably 20 games of Operation with Luke. Beat him every time. Now he’s been playing by himself working on his “strategy,” as he says.


Watched the Green Bay game. My parents ditched me and the kids to hang out at their friend’s house (can you believe that), so I actually had to illegally stream the game on my computer, which meant watching the whole game like this:


But DAMN what a game. I love Mason Crosby and he made me proud. Can’t wait for this Sunday–we’re just one step closer to the Super Bowl and if the Packers make it to the Super Bowl I have to find a way for my dad to go. It just has to be done.

In the between times of playing with Luke, watching the game, and taking a walk with the dogs, I cleaned my house again. My mom and sister gave me a hand-me-down vacuum and also a floor steam cleaner and they worked MIRACLES on my floor. So grateful.



Went on a hike with Luke up Cerro San Luis. We talked MLK day and what civil rights mean, and it was just a fun hike and a nice way to get exercise and listen to Luke’s thoughts about civil rights.

In the evening we had our second family dinner at my Aunt Debbie’s house. What a crowd. Me and my kids, my sister and her family, my mom and dad, Aunt Judy, my Uncle Michael and his wife and her 4 kids and her mom and 4 aunts and one uncle (all delightful people), and of course my Aunt Debbie and her husband. It was a great time.


The night ended with Luke lying next to me in bed. He rubbed my chest and said, “I’m rubbing your heart. That’s how I give you my love.” This kid. He is just so full of love sometimes. Wow.

We made it through the long weekend and we all had fun. Maddie was working a lot and off with her friends, but I think she had a great weekend too.


One Response to “What a long weekend that was”

  1. GEW Says:

    I love the typo in your second line. Apropos! 🙂

    Must see Deadpool.

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