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Catching up: Thursday, Friday, Saturday,and Sunday, and what the hell, Monday too January 23, 2017

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Whew…I’ve been busy, but I AM NOT going to stop writing. So let’s get to it:


I went to school and was suffering from terrible, terrible heartburn, which I have been getting recently for no apparent reason. So I took 2 Zantac which usually work, but it didn’t at all.

At noon, I packed my stuff up, sent an email to students canceling my classes, and went home.

But on the bright side–I did make a video of myself giving the lecture I had scheduled and then uploaded it to YouTube for my students to watch so we are now NOT behind.


What a somber, somber day. Trump was named president. I tried my best to find something positive about this, but I just couldn’t. Then to make matters worse, I was updating an essay assignment in which the students have to pick someone from President Trump’s cabinet to write to. ONLY, he hasn’t had any cabinet members confirmed. So, I actually called the U.S. Department of Education, and spoke to a women. I asked her “who will be acting Secretary of Education,” to which I was put on hold for awhile and then she came back to tell me, “We won’t know until Monday.” So NOW (TODAY) it’s Monday and I looked at the Department’s web page and poof, John B.King, Jr had disappeared to be replaced with….no one? So I called again. And was put on hold for awhile, but then I got to talk to someone. When I asked who the acting Secretary of Education was,he had to ACTUALLY look it up. HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW. But I got an answer. It’s Deputy General Council for program service Phil Rosenfelt. And this is what he does according to his own website:

“Philip H. Rosenfelt is the Deputy General Counsel for Program Service in the Office of the General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Education. In this post, he oversees legal services to the Department relating to the development and implementation of Federal programs that assist elementary and secondary, vocational and adult education, special education, rehabilitative services, the Institute of Education Sciences, educational equity, and ethics provisions, as well as advice to the Office of the Secretary of Education on civil rights issues.”

The man on the phone told me that there is hope that by January 31st Betsy Devos will be confirmed.

Well not on my watch. On Thursday l called  my two senate representatives, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris  and told them NOT to vote for Betsy Devos (super easy. you just leave a message). But then again, I live in California and of course, they’re not going to vote for her. So now I’m calling every state in the goddamn country’s senators and telling them not to vote for her.

Anyway, as of today, According to the Washington Times, “ Donald Trump got off to the slowest start for any president in modern political history, with just two of his Cabinet picks confirmed so far and Democrats poised to make the process even more painful over the next weeks.” His two confirmations: Defense Secretary James N. Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly were approved.

Wow. Way to go.

I also made my dear friend Andy dinner and brought over some wine because his sister recently passed away and Andy always gives, gives, gives, and I want to change that so I can give, give, give to him.



Today was one of the best days of my life. My little, tiny town had 10,000 people of all ages, sizes, ethnicity, gender, sexuality marching in the rain! 10,000 of us. It was incredible.


I feel high from the march. Like I can do anything!




But then I gave a lecture at the university for those students who have AP’d out of Freshman Comp. For those students, they are truly at a disadvantage when it comes to their writing. So I do this own my own time, buy donuts, and try to cram 10 weeks of information into 1.5 hours. Even though I can get a little bitter that I’m going out of my way for a university that doesn’t care, when I see the gratefulness of the students, it’s all worth it.


I’m going to teach and have a good day and call some senators and end the day folding laundry and drinking wine with Sonci and planning out how we will change the world.


One Response to “Catching up: Thursday, Friday, Saturday,and Sunday, and what the hell, Monday too”

  1. GEW Says:

    I am so sorry about the Packers. I wanted them to win it all (since the Broncos were out).

    Also, I had to cancel class today to pick up a sick kid. I didn’t even think about making a video! Brilliant! I gotta learn to do that. Even though I think I’d be very self-conscious.

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