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Catching up again:Wednesday through Monday January 30, 2017

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One of these days, I SWEAR, I will write once a day. I don’t know how I get so behind, but I just do. probably because the thought of writing at the end of a long day just seems so exhausting. But let’s get on with it:


I taught all day and got home pretty exhausted. But I did get to see one of Maddie’s senior pictures and I am just blown away. How did this happen? I swear it was just yesterday that I was walking her to preschool. As much as I love watching Maddie grow up and become the fierce young woman she’s become, I also miss her more childlike days.



Thursday is my Friday, but it’s also the end of a crazy long week for me. So when I got home, I lied on my bed and started this book:


And MY GOD is it an amazing book. I don’t want to give too much away but I highly recommend it. I finished it Friday am, and I will say that I ended up sobbing at the end.


My aunt Linda and Aunt Jo and Uncle Mitch came to town to visit, so we started the day with a hike up Madonna:


Then I picked Luke up from school! Yay!

And later my whole family (aunts, uncles, parents, and me and Luke) went out to dinner:



Another family day! Luke and I went to the record store swap and Luke made some great record store purchases:


Then we met the fam at a winery and just talked and caught up:


(My Mom and one of her sisters, my Aunt Linda,talking).

Finally I ended the day by spending a few hours at my friend Kirstin’s house as she celebrated the finalization of her divorce (in the most kind way possible. He ex-husband is great and he had no objections to the party). I was only there for about an hour and a half, but it was so nice to catch up with some friends.


Can America get any worse? I mean, I can’t even turn on the news without feeling like throwing up. But I take much solace in knowing that every time I open my Facebook page or Instagram page, I see people fighting for the human rights that must have been lobotomized from Trump’s brain. So I was pretty grateful to see this sign:



Back at school and I already made 6 phone calls to different senators about my views on Trump’s executive order. I could have made more, but so many of the phone lines were busy and/or mailboxes were full. But I’ll keep calling. And calling. And fighting for what this country stands for–and that is not sexism, racism, being 1st at anything, and just downright immortality. If you’re interested in hearing how you can help, you can sign up for https://dailyaction.org/

You will receive a text message everyday with something to do and a phone call to make. Brilliant.

So I’m caught up and pretty grateful for the last few days I’ve had. I feel a strong urge inside me to get out there and fight and I will. I will for my children, for myself, and for every marginalized community.

You should, too.


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