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Thursday-Monday catch up February 6, 2017

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Really, I’ve been busy this week at school and with the kids, and with my own life, and yes, perhaps I have been binge-reading and binge-watching, but I feel okay with that.

And there is just no way I can go back and remember everything I was grateful for from Thursday-today. But I can provide a partial list:

  1. Today, my classes start talking and writing about politics. I got to school by 7am to make a PowerPoint because we are living in weird times and even I had to figure out what I was going to lecture. I even thought of not doing this section but I went with it and so far, the students seemed excited (well, as excited as you can get when having to do an assignment).
  2. My good friend Rich told me to watch this show called No Tomorrow on Netflix. This is so not my type of show. I like grainy murder mysteries and British stuff, and this show is peppy and funny. The premise is a really uptight, 30 year old woman who works at like a FedEx kind of place meets this bohemian, free spirited man who believes the world is going to end in 8 1/2 months, so he has an “apoclist” of all the things he wants to do before the world ends. I know, it sounds so stupid, but it actually made me laugh and consider making my own “apoclist.” no-tomorrow
  3. Sleeping in! On Friday night I stayed up to 2:30 am hanging with some friends and slept in until 10:45a.m. THIS HASN’T HAPPENED SINCE BEFORE MADDIE WAS BORN. I must admit, though, that starting my day at 11 felt terrible, like I had wasted so much time.
  4. I had a really, really bad Friday morning when I found out someone very close to me basically back-stabbed me in a way that I will never forgive (and that takes a lot from me). On the outside, I’ll still be cordial and kind, but any respect for this person is gone. However, I was uplifted by this quote:quote-3
  5. I’m not one for quotes in general because I feel like people send them to me and I’m just supposed to read them and instantly feel better. Such total bullshit. But the country I live in is falling a part at the seams, and so I have appreciated these two quotes:

6. Finally, I’m just really thankful that I’m on top of my work, my kids are doing well, and overall life is incrementally getting better.It may be a one step forward, 2 steps back kind of thing, but it is still moving in a forward motion.


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