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Some time with Maddie February 9, 2017

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Basically if I want to see Maddie lately, I have to ask for an appointment about 1 week in advance. But last night, Wednesday, we finally had a dinner date. I got home from work and we ate dinner together for the first time in what seems like forever. Then we talked about life before we got down the nitty gritty of what Maddie wanted to discuss: her 18th birthday and her high school graduation.

I took notes and we made a plan, so I’m glad we got through that. And surprisingly, she didn’t really say she wanted anything for her birthday except maybe money because she’d like to go on a trip with some friends this summer. I offered that–if I could afford it–would she want to bring 4 friends to Big Sur for a weekend and I can bring one friend and we’ll celebrate our birthdays kind of together like we did last year. She really liked that idea, so I’m going to try my hardest.

We also discussed that just because she turns 18, she still has to follow the house rules. She was totally fine with that, but did ask, “when I turn 18 can I get a cartilage earring?” to which I said, “of course.” I mean, I already let her get her nose pierced and she has a small tattoo on her finger (given to her by a friend at school with a poke and ink set while–just to set the record straight–my parents were watching her because I was in Ireland), but for some reason, I’ve put my foot down on anymore earrings, even though I have a cartilage earring and have since I was 18. Sometimes I think I just make up rules as I go on this parenting path.

Finally, she gave me list of things I need to do: I have to finish paying for her senior portraits,  I have to do my taxes and complete Maddie’s FASFA in the next few days. God, it seems like the work it takes to get Maddie into college is never ending.

We also had a date to watch a movie in her room, but she said, “Mom, I have to watch The Bachelor tonight, so I can’t do the movie. Do you want to watch The Bachelor with me?” she asked. Ummm, I’d rather poke holes in my eyes. But even though the night wasn’t a complete date, I’m still thankful of the time I spent with Maddie.


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