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It’s been a glorious few days February 14, 2017

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So yeah, I’m catching up again, but oh well….


The day just started off great as I had a meeting with the faculty member who evaluated me and other than a few questions she had for me (which makes sense considering she dropped in for a 1 hour class and didn’t really have the structure of the class down), she praised my class, my student engagement, and my dedication to teaching and service to the university (which I did politely tell her I would no longer be doing).

Then I found this beauty of an image and just thought SO SO SO TRUE!!! And props to Senator Warren for inspiring this. she-persisted

Maddie texted me her last senior pictures and MY GOD, she is beautiful! I think I’ll keep her:)

Then I ended my long work day by meeting my friend Kelly for wine and catching up on our friendship:


All around, Thursday was a fantastic day!!!



Friday is always a good day when I get Luke, so that made me super happy. But it’s also my day off, and while I usually have a bunch of grading to do, I spent most of the morning/early afternoon drinking tea and reading:


Then as a family outing that evening me, Maddie, Luke, and Maddie’s friends all went to  her boyfriend’s (high school) basketball game:


I know! Hard to believe, but Maddie actually hung out with us!!!!



Saturday was a BIG day because I took Luke to the Planned Parenthood demonstrations in our town. Just in case you’re not in the know: Anti-Planned Parenthood groups decided that on Feb 11th they would–nationally–demonstrate against Planned Parenthood. As a response–nationally–Planned Parenthood responded with a Pro Planned Parenthood demonstration on the same day.

But the rules were firm. If you were protesting to keep funding Planned Parenthood then all protesters were to remain silent out of respect to the other side. And we were to keep it peaceful. I decided this was a perfect opportunity to take Luke to a peaceful protest (we kind of discussed what PP is, using more words like cancer screening and checking blood pressure then birth control)  because he’s been quite interested in MLK day and “peaceful protests” in general. So in my town what it looked like was one side of the street demonstrated against funding planned parenthood under the umbrella of religion and also holding up those horrible, blown-up signs of abortions, of which all are 3rd trimester abortions that ARE ILLEGAL IN EVERY STATE ANYWAY (unless the mother’s life is in danger). On our side, it was just a bunch of women, men, and kids, holding signs that ranged from “Don’t de-fund Planned Parenthood” to “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit..”


It would have been a perfect event except for one obnoxious man, carrying a horrible picture around and yelling at everyone on our side. Our side stayed silent (I seriously don’t know how people kept their composure because I wanted to throat chop him), but it did; however, Luke and I to leave earlier than planned as it was just really disruptive. I’m still thankful we went out and showed our love for Planned Parenthood. I truly am grateful for them as they provided me with free healthcare when I was young and poor (haha. now I’m just old and poor. But with good insurance)



All I have to say is I finally weeded the front yard. My whole body aches from so much time spent in the yard, and even though it’s going to rain again in a few days, it seriously needed to be done. I’m so thankful it’s over (for now):



Monday was such a busy day, and Luke and Maddie didn’t have school but I did, so I have to give mad props to Maddie for watching Luke while I was working. What am I going to do without her next year??? I’m so thankful for her.

But as soon as I got off work, I picked up Luke and headed to my friend Natalia’s house for a friend dinner called, “I love you every day.” It was so great to see friends and eat some amazing food!


And my friend Cyndi gave me these amazing Valentine’s Day cards. I just love them so much!




It’s Valentine’s day and even though I usually deplore this holiday as just another way for consumers to spend money they don’t have, I am embracing it this year. I bought Luke a cute stuffed animal that he loved and I bought candy for all my students. Today I’m going to choose to be positive rather than negative. I’m just so thankful for all the love I have in my life right now.



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