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ohhhh, all the catching up to do February 27, 2017

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So I don’t know about you, but life has been super busy for me, so instead of doing a day by day gratitude blog, I’m going to just post categories of gratefulness that has happened in the past week.


Maddie got into the same university that I teach at! As much as I wanted her to move away from our small town, I didn’t realize how much I actually wanted/needed her to stay until she got accepted. And she is beyond thrilled!!!!


Family came in from Minnesota that I haven’t seen in forever, but we had a great time.



As much as I love the rain, I’m so glad to have a reprieve. The hills are so green and the creeks are flowing. I need this sunshine. Just walking around campus with the sun shining has made me feel better.


I’ve read some pretty funny memes this week that I just can’t help but share because they make me laugh so hard.


I had coffee with my best friend, Rich, whom I haven’t seen in forever, and he brightened up my day as always.



I made my friend Andy and his partner, Rob, dinner that turned into a small dance party.


I had a kick ass house show this past Saturday and managed to fill my tiny house with 43 people. The band that played was Matt Pond, PA and even though I didn’t really get to enjoy the music as much because I was the host and off helping people, I’m so glad I held this event.


And in case you’re interested in his music, here’s a live performance of him from a few years ago. Now imagine that energy in my tiny house. It was lovely:


Finally, I saw this meme and just thought YES! YES! YES! This sums me up so much right now:




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