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yesterday was the worst day of the year and i’m bitter March 1, 2017

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So, I’m trying to find gratitude wherever it may come, but yesterday proved difficult.

To start, I woke up and switched on my computer to do work just to see it had crashed. No problem, it’s a new computer (under a year), so i took it to the trusty tech guys I always use, and after looking at it, they called me to say the entire motherboard had crashed. Which means, good-bye computer. Thus, I had to buy a new computer yesterday with money I don’t really have, but the thing is, I need a computer because of how much work I do at home. I can’t always come to the university to do work. And with a looming 75 essays to grade, I needed a new computer pronto!

Then I had taken the day off school to drive down to Santa Barbara to fight a speeding ticket I received in which I WAS NOT SPEEDING. But I was prepared. My father gave me questions to ask, and when my time came I was fully prepared. I questioned the officer and many times he could only say, “I don’t know.” But I still was found GUILTY. I learned, as I sat and watched other traffic offenders defend their cases, that although the judge was nice and humorous, he was always going to side with the officer. This was not “innocent until found guilty.” This was “guilty because I trust the office more than any human.”

I was furious.

But then I received this message from a former student and it did brighten my day:note


And by the time I got home from Santa Barbara, my brother had made dinner for me and the kids, which was also so kind.


Despite the gratitude I felt, however, I was overcome with a sense of hopelessness and pretty much cried myself to sleep last night. But I did wake up and decide not to let what happened yesterday affect me today (so far this isn’t going so well, though).


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