A Year of Thanks

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and this is why my writing has been so terrible lately April 3, 2017

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Because to be a good writer, one needs to practice, and I am so out of practice. Even keeping up with this blog has been difficult–partly because I’ve been busy, but also because I am so uninspired.

So, there wasn’t much to be thankful the past week as it’s crunch time at the university because the quarter was ending. And then I got ONE FULL day off before I had to start prepping for spring quarter.

At least, I’m prepped and ready to go today and I am thankful that this is the last quarter before summer break. Thank God!!!

But I’m also thankful for:

My good friend, Natalia, had a pizza party for adults and kids and it was so much fun. Luke had a blast and I also had a great time:

I also made my Aunt Linda’s fried chicken for the fourth time, and it came out somewhat better than before. I don’t think I’ll ever master it.

fried chicken


Finally, I got to see STRFKR in town and it was a great time.



They’re not the kind of band that I would listen to in my office, but they are so much fun to see live. Here’s a little sample:


The only bummer from this video is that the lead singer isn’t dressed in drag–as he usually is:)


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