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letting go April 7, 2017

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For the first time ever, I think, I have Thursdays off this quarter. I’m not quite sure how much I’ll like this considering it was a little difficult to motivate myself for one day of teaching before the weekend, but as far as yesterday goes, I got so much done.

I cleaned my house, did all the laundry, made dinner, finished writing thank you notes and sealing and sending out student letters from last quarter. I mean I felt so accomplished.


Look at that beautiful stack of work I finished.

I also finished this excellent book:


And I finally did the one thing I’ve been meaning to do for five years now–I transferred my old, beat down address book into a new, updated one (that I’ve had for years). But a strange thing happened as I was doing this. I couldn’t NOT write down the addresses of my grandma and my biological dad and his mom (also my grandmother) who are long deceased. I felt like if I didn’t transfer their addresses then somehow it made their death more permanent, which is silly because their deaths ARE permanent. There’s no logic in me transferring their addresses except that it felt right.

Then today (actually the whole weekend) it’s Open House at the university. There’s an estimated 12,000 more people in town and mulling around campus, and Maddie asked if she could miss school and go to the orientation today, and of course I said yes. But then she called me and asked me to go on the tour with her. I was already on campus, and at first I really didn’t want to do it because I have work to do and it’s raining and I’ve been on this campus for 20 years. Actually, Maddie grew up on this campus so I wasn’t even sure why she wanted to go.

But I said yes, and met her and we toured the campus together with her best friend and her parents and we both met some nice girls in her major and listened to–in my opinion–ridiculous speeches about how easy it will be for students to get classes (it’s not), how fun the quarter system is (it’s not)…and a whole bunch of other salesmen-like pitches. But in the end, Maddie and I had fun, and it made me sad to have to leave the tour a bit early to teach. It also made me sad to realize that in just a few short months, Maddie will be in college, living on her own. However, she’ll be 5 minutes away from me and can visit me on campus any day and that makes me happy.

I guess today was a day of me not wanting to let go, but I’m OK with that right now.


(I actually got a free lunch out of the tour. I never get anything free so that was cool.)


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